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Dedicated apps

Company bespoke software

The market for company IT tools undergoes a constant evolution, thanks to which the offered solutions may be adjusted to the changing needs of businessmen. However, practice shows that standardized software does not work in every case. In some cases, a “made to fit” functionality is necessary, and such can be ensured only by a bespoke business software.

The successful functioning of a company primarily consists in an efficient execution of all of the processes which take place in the internal structures of the company. Of course, the team's work is in this case a key factor, which conditions the correct execution of tasks. However, in order to achieve the best efficiency, a support of a solid IT background is necessary.


It can be stated that a ready-made software has as many advantages as disadvantages. Difficult handling and too many functions, completely useless in everyday work, constitute the factors which surely do not impact the increase of efficiency. All of these disadvantages are eliminated by bespoke software, meaning one created basing on the needs and expectations presented by a specific unit. It is needed to be said that such solutions allow to be developed with following modules, thanks to which there is no problem in adjusting the system to the changing needs. The lack of unnecessary functions translates into handling simplicity, thanks to which the software is friendly also for less qualified employees. Therefore, it may be stated that bespoke tools adjust to the user and not the other way around.

implement a dedicated software


However, implementing a bespoke software is not always reasonable. Such a solution will work best in companies operating in specific market niches, requiring unique tools. However, on the other hand, increased actions by the competition in a highly popular sector, may also be a signal indicating the need for implementing own tools. What defines a company's competitiveness is the efficient execution of its processes. Therefore, in this case unique solutions will prove to be remarkably helpful.


Bespoke IT tools are quite an investment (especially for small and medium-sized companies), however it is wise to examine their importance in terms of strategic categories. Expenses related to implementing the system will pay for themselves very quickly, which to a large extent results from the possibility of adjusting the system to the client's needs. In practice it means that the company does not have to bear the costs related to hiring a specialized staff and/or training people which will work with the new platform on a daily basis.

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