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Dedicated apps

Dedicated system for your business

Are you running a large company that requires constant management of multiple business processes? If yes, it is probably extremely troublesome for you sometimes and puts you at risk of financial and time costs. However, you can significantly make your life easier by getting an application tailored to your needs.


Dedicated software is an application designed in such a way that enables to serve the company specific needs as much as possible. It combines a variety of functionalities corresponding to the specifics of a particular business entity. Therefore, the entrepreneur does not have to have a lot of complicated programs, because one application will allow him to exercise control over all processes.

Modern software can be operated from a web browser and a mobile device. More importantly, there is no need to use your own servers for its operation. All thanks to the option of working in the cloud which saves resources and provides high comfort. When deciding to purchase an application tailored to your needs, it is also worth to take care of its attractive design corresponding to the system of visual identification of promoted brand. It should also comply with the latest trends in terms of responsiveness.

documents circulation


Dedicated software tool guarantees many business benefits. Its implementation in company structures can significantly improve the following processes:

1. Documents circulation
2. Personnel, financial and accounting matters.
3. Internal communication between employees of different departments.
4. Establishing relationships with external contractors.
5. Creating a corporate brand image.
6. The system for submitting complaints and suggestions for improvement.
7. Registration of working hours.
8. Project management.
9. Strategic planning.
10. The system of employees’ remuneration.
11. Collecting business data in electronic database.
12. Searching for potential clients and business partners.


In order to tailor the software to someone’s needs, it is necessary to precede the stage of its design with detailed consultations with the client. During these consultations, actual business needs are identified which will be fulfilled by the dedicated application. Then, the client is provided with a proposal of the software specification for acceptance or reporting any adjustments. Later it is possible to proceed to designing individual modules and application. After finishing it, a preliminary test version is sent to the client. If the final version meets the client’s expectations, we can proceed to implementing the software in the company and training employees in the use of it. It should also be noted that the system will require performing regular updates, data backups and maintenance activities.

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