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Starting Instagram on PC (in browser)

I dedicate this entry to all those who work with social media, especially to those who increase the range and collect hearts on Instagram. Sometimes we are looking for a more convenient way to add a post, or we just found ourselves in an awkward situation - we have to post on Instagram, the company's smartphone is gone, installing emulators is not an option, we forgot to access the company's social media management panel... and time is running out as usual.

Today's a simple but useful way to run Instagram in your browser so that it has all the options you're looking for. Lights, login, action! Here you won't discover anything innovative - the first step is to start your web browser, go to the Instagram website and log in to the account you're interested in. Nothing more.

We log in to our profile

Time to bury in the options

The second step is to take advantage of a blessing called the "explore" function (You can run it in Google Chrome using Ctrl+Shift+I).

In the upper part we find fields where we select the smartphone model we are interested in from the list - I chose Pixel.

We choose an option from the browser

On the list you will find our favorite smartphone

We can act That's it! We can already enjoy the benefits of the mobile version of Instagram in our browser without having to install any additional components or cancel the features of the mobile application. The options do not differ from those of the application. It may happen, that after changing the resolution, the options will not appear. In this case it will help to refresh the page. Many thanks for taking this short time to read my entry. I hope that this option will ever come in handy in a difficult situation. Thanks and see you next!

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