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Document management

How to efficiently manage company documents?

In most companies, many documents are being generated. Each such document should be properly described, listed, and kept. In order to improve managing documents it's best to take advantage of special IT systems. Previously, document management systems – DMS, were a separate module, and now they constitute a part of more advanced systems, for example Customer Relationship Management (CRM), or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).


At a company, there is a number of document workflow types which may be supported by IT systems. A traditional one, where employees handle paper documents, but their storage location is entered to a base and the document itself is identified by a barcode. Document workflow within an IT system, and scanning traditional documents.

However, companies most often choose mixes solutions, where both paper documents are available, as are their digital equivalents. Currently, companies aim rather at DMSs instead of traditional document management.

Computer systems ​

IT systems for documents management


As we've already written, such a system may be a separate module or constitute a part of a more advanced software for managing the resources of an entire company.

The main functions of a DMS is allowing selected people to have access to company documents. It also provides the possibility to gather the documents and enter changes. The documents may be modified – edited, copied, or deleted. Additionally, the software allows to list and organize documents in specific folders, or to tag them.

A document may have a defined path, meaning that it will be assigned to a specific project and people in a given order – each change in the document is saved.

The biggest advantage of DMS is an efficient organization of the workflow of company documents, their analysis, finding and storing them. In contrast to traditional documents, also space is saved, and there is virtually no risk of losing the documents.


For sure, compatibility and the possibility to combine with other systems – internal and external. It's important to ensure data protection, as is the possibility to determine various levels of access for the employees. Surely, it would be convenient to ensure cloud access and advanced document search capabilities, for example by tags, category, name.


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