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Document management

Electronic document circulation system

Do you know what the document circulation systems are? How do they give you quick access to the necessary information? Is monitoring the correspondence easier and convenient to use thanks to the document circulation system?


Several dozens or even hundreds of documents are sent every day to most companies and organizations. Electronic document circulation system helps to improve their supervision, manages their circulation and provides really fast access to particular documents. It is extremely helpful at work. Most often it has a modular structure, so that it is responsible for the circulation of both internal and external writings, outgoing and incoming documents. But that’s not all. Electronic document circulation system is also responsible for documents such as: contracts, delegations, invoices and holiday requests. It proves itself in all kinds of offices, secretariats, processing of documents (workflow) and in the management of electronic documentation archives.

Document circulation


It is very important that the electronic document circulation system helps companies where correspondence is scattered around various departments. It makes handling the correspondence much easier, because it goes to one specific branch of the company. At the time of entering documents into the system, they are visible only for people who were to see them at the time. Electronic document circulation system allows giving opinions on these documents more efficiently, it enables much faster access to relevant information, improves the work, quickly and easily helps to find a given document and allows controlling the activities of individual employees and facilitates better use of information obtained from documents.


This system greatly facilitates correspondence monitoring. It is visible on regular basis; it allows monitoring all the incoming documents. It is very helpful for executive and management staff, because it makes all the important information immediately available to them. It provides unlimited access to specific information for each previously designated person or group of people. Electronic document circulation system protects these documents from disappearance or misplacement. All of this improves the quality of work and has positive benefits for the situation in the company, and at the same time gives the opportunity to discover business sanctions. 

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