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Basics of SEO, or how to position your website

Deciding to enter the world of e-Commerce, we face many decisions and then hard work to make everything work as it should. One of the key tasks is website positioning. Today I will share with you the basic information that is worth knowing, taking care of SEO.

Page title

  • The page title should have a maximum of 65 characters with spaces;
  • It is the most important SEO element of your site;
  • It has a huge impact on CTR;
  • It should contain keywords.

A good-looking title will increase the CTR and keywords will increase the number of searches

Description (page description)

  • Taken into account during SEO marketing activities;
  • Influences clickability and organic search.

Meta tags (article descriptions, subpages)

  • Meta tags should be original;
  • They should be placed on each subpage;
  • The descriptions should be interesting;
  • Duplicate descriptions are not welcome.

Meta tags are intended to convince the user to visit OUR website

Special symbols (advantage for increased visibility)

  • Symbols distinguish our description;
  • Their most important task is to attract attention.

Headers (one of the most important elements of SEO)

  • Headlines should not have duplicates;
  • Headers should include keywords;
  • Headings should not be too general.

The keywords contained in the headings are very important

Adwords keyword planner: https://adwords.google.com/intl/pl_pl/home/tools/keyword-planner/

Google Trends: https://trends.google.pl/trends/

Content on the website (that is what GoogleBot likes the most)

  • Do not publish pages with little content;
  • Search for potential for keywords (e.g. in Google Adwords, Google Trends);
  • Take care of content, create blogs - this will help you get traffic.

Optimize image files

  • An important element is the ALT attributes (image description for GoogleBot);
  • Try to make the images light (heavy images make the page load longer, which hiccups especially on mobile devices).

Address structure

  • The address should contain keywords;
  • It should be short, legible and easy to remember;
  • We do not use Polish characters;
  • We use only small letters;
  • We do not need extensions e.g. ".html";
  • Addresses should be coherent (keep the same structure).

Well designed addresses have keywords and are easy to remember

Indexing (GoogleBot daily work)

  • We should block GoogleBot from indexing sites;
  • Let's also prepare a map of the site, it will make indexing easier and faster.

Out of order links, URL errors

  • Let's not let broken links be indexed by GoogleBot;
  • Let's check the Google Search Console periodically. The tool will display all problems with links and subpages.

Google Serch Console: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/

Remember the page with error 404

  • The subpage should be interesting, keeping the user on the site;
  • Put links to the most important subpages there;
  • Don't be afraid to add other interesting options.

A well-designed 404 page will help stop you

I hope that you have pulled something out of the above article and your websites will work much better and your Google positions will grow at an exponential rate.

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