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Business software – cloud based or server based?

Business software used for facilitating and accelerating the performance activities can be created according to different standards. The first decision you need to make is the one concerning its placement. Should you put the software on your own server, use the cloud server or perhaps install everything on your computer?


Server (hosting) is a space on the Internet where the files allowing the operation of programs, websites or applications are placed. If a company buys software license, there are three solutions available. It can be installed on your own computer (as a program), on your own server (as application) or there is a possibility to use a ready application installed in the cloud, or an external server.


This option is indeed not an advanced solution, but it is still chosen by some companies. In order to use it, you need good and expensive equipment – the company must reckon with the responsibility for any interruption in its operation. In addition, the installation on your own computer is associated with difficulties of updating software and the lack of effective technical support.

Entrepreneurs who are considering this option must take into account all the above problems. If necessary, they should know how to fix the malfunctions, configure the programs, perform necessary updates and create data backup. Because this solution is somewhat archaic and quite complicated, for several years we have seen a rapid shift towards the applications installed on servers.

data in cloud


If a company launches an application using their own server it receives the files necessary for installation on that server. Such hosting should be paid which generates costs at the level of tens of zlotys per year up to several hundred zlotys per month. Of course, in the case of larger companies and modern applications you will need to purchase a dedicated server, the cost of which will be closer to that higher amount.

Documents on the server

Operating on one’s own server requires specific skills. Therefore, you have to ensure in advance that someone in the company is able to install the application and operate MySQL database (this is necessary for data controlling or password recovery), and operate the application itself in technical way (in case of errors). Weak server can cause frequent interruptions in the program operation, and inadequate security measures can result in theft of all data. The advantage of operating on one’s own server is the broadest potential control of data collected.


In the third case we are dealing with access to applications, data and services via the Internet. Since we operate in the cloud, we do not need to invest in additional expensive equipment and we save corporate space. Therefore, over 90% of companies are currently using cloud technologies. Such companies only need to register their account on the website and can begin their activities. The advantages of this solution include the guarantee of working on modern, fast and stable servers. In addition, responsibility for stable and proper operation of the software rests with the external company. Thanks to the cloud, it is possible to view every problem, so technical support can react immediately. The application is updating in the background, and the only cost of using it is usually the cost of a license or a monthly subscription. The list of advantages is complemented by the high data security (including SSL encryption). 

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