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Workflow systems, most commonly used in service and manufacturing industries

Workflow systems are designed specifically for the purpose of improving the work of a larger group of people in an organization or a company. No wonder that they are so eagerly used in such business since its invention – especially in the service and manufacturing industries, where efficient customer support and fast communication between employees is the key to do everything in time, execute orders and achieve the objectives. However, workflow system was created mainly in order to manage and facilitate the work of a group. What are we exactly talking about and what does the company gain from using it?


Workflow process literally means the “flow of work”. In a broader sense it indicates the flow of information between different people, who are also involved in their creation. In the narrow sense it mainly means the flow of important documents between employees and organization of tasks basing on the appropriate procedures that apply in the company and which have been loaded into the system. Each system has to be properly programmed – tailored to the needs of particular place. It is mainly the flow of documentation, which, for example, has to be signed, accepted or corrected by several people. Each of them receives the document in the appropriate order and version corrected by the previous person. But this is not all that workflow system is capable of.

Task division system in the company​


Workflow not only sends documents from place to place. It also enables constant control and supervision over the performance of individual parts of a given task – the system is able to assess by itself what part of a task should be given to whom.  The software assesses what is the role of individual people in the creation of a given document or realization of the schedule. The system then compares it with the functions assigned to a given employee in the office or in the company in general and thus obtains the information about who is best suited for a given task. It will also allow controlling individual stages, and will, for example, inform about the fact that the deadline of a given task is approaching by reminding someone of something or telling other employee that he will soon receive a part of the file that is ready to be worked on. Workflow system constantly controls the time – so you can be sure that everything will be completed on time.

workflow schedule


By installing special software in your company, you can greatly improve the work of the whole group. Each person will be informed about everything, know what to do, what tasks are assigned to him, and the clients will be served on time – which will aid in further successful cooperation. With the use of workflow it is possible to determine patterns of work – creating further levels of action in the form of graphs, diagrams and tables which are available to everyone so that employees know what to do and at what stage a given project is. In this way, the management has a clear picture of the work of individual employees, and is able to assess their efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. Workflow is especially useful in industry and services, where further cooperation and acquiring new clients depends on quick decisions, efficient operation and good management.

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