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IT systems

What is new in the world of e-Commerce?

Instagram is pushed with elbows

Instagram users have recently been given the opportunity to publish videos that last up to an hour. The platform is growing stronger and stronger and does not hide the fact that it has a temptation for a piece of cake, which is currently largely shared between YouTube and Snapchata. As we can guess, this is probably only the first of the planned steps of the platform development. We will have to wait for more news, but we can already speculate what new features and possibilities may appear. Ultimately, instead of reinventing certain solutions, we can develop the current ones.

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Paid Facebook groups

In the face of recent data mining scandals by Cambridge Analytica, Facebook has been on the candlestick. The FAMILY, which has become a reality in the European Union, certainly does not help. Faced with significant financial losses due to the drop in advertising revenues, Facebook is forced to look for new opportunities to earn money. One of the ideas are the groups in which users would pay for membership, and Marek Zuckerberg's company would take a percentage of this for itself. How will this be accepted by users? We may have to see it, but if we look at Twitch subscriptions for example, we can guess that Facebook will also find its recipients.

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The world's smallest computer

A computer so small that the rice grain looks like a giant with it. It's not a handheld computer and a smartphone can't replace it, but it's a great example of the progressive miniaturization and the level reached by both technology and production. Given its size, it will not be an exaggeration to write that flying, miniature robots with the appearance of a fly can actually exist ?

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Google Duplex

About how the AI has deceived man and the great advances in technology. Is it easy to say that the person on the other side of the handset is human? As it turns out, Duplex, the AI assistant from Google, is already so advanced that in the case of less demanding conversations, such as making an appointment with a hairdresser, it is basically indistinguishable from a living person.

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